Admir: Discovering a new me by exploring genetics.

gpadmin Last updated: 23 January 2024

My name is Admir, and I want to share my life-changing experience with GenePlanet DNA test. The detailed analysis of my genetics and lifestyle factors with incorporating blood results truly transformed the way I view my health.

I have always been health-conscious, but I couldn’t have anticipated the impact genetic tests would have on my life. When I first heard about the home DNA testing, I was intrigued and happy to try the lifestyle version.

Thanks to my insurance company, Uniqa, which offered the test as part of its benefits program, I got to experience it first-hand. After witnessing the incredible results, I upgraded to the Premium version without a second thought.

It is great how the app feature helped me understand my blood report; it shows more than just ranges, it explains meaning of every value, which I find really useful. The test results provided valuable insights into my metabolism, sleep patterns, folate production, vitamin and mineral levels, and even my ancestry. Food ID functionality is very valuable, as I can adjust my diet in accordance to my genes.

My whole life, even as a child, I had difficulties falling asleep at night, and now I know why. One of the analyses showed me that I have longer sleep latency, meaning I need more time to fall asleep. However, the great thing is that along with this analysis, there are recommendations on how to improve the lifestyle in order to reduce this latency.

The MyLifestyle genetic test identified my reduced folate production, which I wasn’t aware of, so I immediately started supplementing with the active form of the substance. With increased intake of B vitamins, even my sleep improved.

The test results also showed that I have a genetic predisposition towards longer telomeres, which could affect my lifespan. It is great knowing I am predisposed to longer biological age.

I found the analysis of my genetic predispositions towards sports and physical activities particularly fascinating. I learned that I am not well suited for endurance or cardio sports, which aligns great with my favourite sports activities, as I prefer mountain biking and hiking. Luckily, both sports improve those segments of my health where my genes are not so favourable.

Oh, and discovering my part-Scandinavian ancestry was another exciting surprise. I never thought I could have Scandinavian roots.

The user-friendly platform is great and easy to use. It offers detailed explanations and recommendations, making it easy to understand the implications of my genetic makeup.

I appreciate the way GenePlanet references specific scientific articles, allowing me to further explore the topics that interest me. It is also very valuable and interesting to see for each analysis how much it is affected by genes and how much by the environment.

It is awesome I keep getting new analyses, it is like Netflix subscription for my health – except that you only pay once and then you receive new fresh insights indefinitely.

Ever since my first experience with GenePlanet, I have become a loyal customer and have recommended their services to friends and colleagues.

Their responsive support team has only increased my trust in their expertise. Even my doctors found this approach interesting and are considering collaboration with GenePlanet.

I find GenePlanet very trustworthy, since they comply with the international ISO 27001 information and data protection standard.

They also perform cancer screening and NIFTY, which a few of my friends did and were very happy with.

In conclusion, genetic testing have truly changed my life.

It has given me the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions about my health, fitness, and lifestyle. I believe that this service is an essential investment in my future, and I couldn’t be more happier with the decision to do the test.

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