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What is the difference between Cancer risk (PRS) and Cancer Screen?

Cancer Screen can identify a rare pathogenic mutation that gives you cancer with near certainty. It is recommended to people who reasonably believe their risk is increased (usually due to the strong presence of the disease in the family).

PRS, on the other hand, deals with the polygenic component of the disease and only speaks in terms of increased/decreased risks. It is recommended to everyone who wants to identify their genetic weak points and take timely preventive measures to protect their health.

While Cancer risk (PRS) can indicate you have a reduced risk for a particular type of cancer, you cannot be sure of it unless you exclude the possibility of rare pathogenic variants (detected by Cancer Screen). That is why Cancer risk (PRS) and Cancer Screen tests are complementary and both recommended.

Please note that Cancer risk (PRS) is a Home DNA test that you order yourself and perform at home, while Cancer Screen is a Medical DNA test that you buy from and perform at a medical professional. Head to Cancer Screen website for more info.


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