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With WGS, GenePlanet can decode 100% of your DNA

29 January 2021

Decoding 100% of your DNA means more analyses, the most in-depth interpretation of your genome, and even more knowledge as science progresses. With whole genome sequencing, you test once and benefit for life.

GenePlanet, a global provider of innovative healthcare and lifestyle solutions based on preventive genetic testing is using a whole genome sequencing (WGS). Instead of the usual targeted approach – looking at the selected parts of your DNA – GenePlanet will be able to analyse your entire genome, identify a much higher number of relevant genetic variants and give you the most in-depth interpretation. As science uncovers new relevant variants, you can benefit from those insights immediately, without additional testing.

While the first sequencing of the human genome cost over $3 billion, today we can do it for a fraction of that price. The advancements, such as next generation sequencing (NGS), have sped up the process and brought it closer to people.

WGS vs. the targeted approach

The targeted approach is used by the majority of home DNA test providers on the market and analyses just a fraction of your genome – less than 1%. It targets the panel of genes shown to have a strong association with lifestyle traits. The targeted approach produces less data, which is easier to interpret, but its limited testing range is doomed to miss relevant genetic variants.

WGS maps 100% of your genome – coding and noncoding region (exons and introns). Mapping your entire genome, around 3 billion DNA base pairs, allows GenePlanet to detect and analyse a much higher number of relevant genetic variants and give you the most in-depth interpretation of your DNA. That is why having your entire genome sequenced is such a benefit. No matter where in your genome – coding or noncoding region – scientists discover something valuable, you already have it mapped out. The only thing left is to interpret it and, you can use the newly-acquired knowledge to your advantage!


Advanced method, simple sampling

The science behind home WGS DNA test might be complicated, but your part of the process is simple. To analyse your entire genome, GenePlanet only needs saliva sample.

When you order GenePlanet’s DNA test, you receive a saliva-based collection kit with detailed instructions for taking a DNA sample. After that, the only thing left is to ship the sample and wait for the results!


Choose GenePlanet’s Lifestyle DNA tests  and let them reveal the full potential of your genetic landscape!

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