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Sabina Muminović Last updated: 19 October 2023

The right treatment, the right dose: pharmacogenomics can make healthcare more effective, safer, and truly personalised. Discover how MyMeds pharmacogenomic test helps you find optimal medicine and dose based on your genes.

If you’ve ever experienced ineffective therapies or dreaded side effects, you know the toll it takes on your mental and physical well-being.

If not, you’re lucky – for now. Because as we age, most of us will need some kind of treatment. When we do, we can only hope that what the doctor prescribes will bring relief and recovery …

But you don’t have to rely on hope. With MyMeds, you can help your doctor get it right from the start!

What is pharmacogenomics (PGx), and how can it help you

Why don’t we all wear clothes the same size?

Because our bodies don’t look the same.

Similarly, we don’t react to medicine the same way because our bodies don’t work the same way.

Genes have a significant influence on how we metabolise medicine and react to it. Over 99% of us have at least one genetic variant with a clearly demonstrated effect on medications!

Pharmacogenomics (PGx) studies this connection – the link between the genetic variants you carry and your response to medicine.

The future of medicine is personalised

Doctors usually prescribe medicine based on the general population.

If we return to our analogy of clothes, you can see how such generalised approach is not the best solution – it’s like giving everyone the same size of shoes! They will fit some, but most will find them too tight or too roomy.

Of course, when it comes to medicine, our differences have more dire consequences than foot discomfort:

  • Your symptoms don’t improve.
  • You’re experiencing severe side effects.
  • You must endure a long trial-and-error process, which only adds unnecessary stress.

The PGx test helps you and your doctor find the most effective therapy based on your genetically predisposed metabolism of medicine.

For example, patients with depression who received treatment based on PGx were 71% more likely to get better than those who received standard treatment.

Now let’s take a look at the science behind those awesome numbers!

How does PGx work?

Every medication has active ingredients – chemical compounds that affect your body. Active ingredients are what make the medicine work.

And your genes influence how you metabolise these active ingredients.

If you metabolise them faster than average, a standard dose might not cut it, and you could be left with ineffective treatment.

A slower metabolism might mean the standard dose is too much, leading to unwanted side effects.

You might even experience severe side effects, requiring your doctor to switch to a new medicine.

MyMeds pharmacogenomic test

Our PGx test MyMeds analyses your genes and predicts which active ingredients best align with your unique genetic makeup. This helps your doctor select the medicine and dose with the best chance of success.

MyMeds is a saliva-based test, meaning it’s super safe and easy. To reveal your PGx profile, we just need your saliva sample.

And what exactly do you receive?

What does MyMeds include?

MyMeds results lists the genes that were analysed, which genotype you have and how it’s expressed (how does it affect your metabolism), interpretation of the result and clinical guidelines.

In other words – everything your doctor needs to prescribe efficient treatment based on your genes!

The test covers active ingredients of medications from 15 medical specialities.

So now that you know what MyMeds brings to the table, the question is – it is for you?

If you answer “yes” to any of the questions below, MyMeds will bring you great value!

1. Is your current treatment not working?

You’re far from alone. For example, 2 out of 3 people treated for depression do not show improvement on a standard treatment.

MyMeds give your doctor the knowledge necessary to optimise your treatment for the quickest recovery.

2. Are you experiencing unwanted side effects?

You might be taking a medication that leaves you with nausea, gastrointestinal issues, dizziness, rash, headache or sleep disturbances.

Pharmacogenetic testing can reduce the likelihood of side effects by 30%.

3. Want to ensure you’ll get the optimal medicine when needed?

You might be healthy now, but it’s wise to be prepared. Because when you need treatment, you want to get the right one, fast. Investing in a PGx test is like insurance for quicker recovery!

Having your pharmacogenomic profile analysed ensures you’ll get optimal treatment immediately when you’ll need it.

A lifetime investment

With MyMeds, what you buy is not what you end up with.

How so?

When science makes a discovery about your genes and their impact on medications, we can update your test results with this new knowledge.

We look at your genes again in light of new pharmacogenomic findings and published guidelines, and update them:

  • If research shows a known genetic variant impacts a new active ingredient, we add this active ingredient to your results.
  • If research finds a new genetic variant affecting an active ingredient already included in the test, we update your results for this ingredient.
  • Clinical guidelines for the existing variants or medications are periodically updated, so we adjust our recommendations accordingly to keep your results current.

Analysing your genes with next generation sequencing (full-depth whole genome sequencing) allows us to do that without additional sampling or costs for you.

And the value of your test grows with every update.

Invest in your future with MyMeds today and unlock a lifetime of personalised healthcare that evolves with you.

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