6 benefits of home blood tests

Sabina Muminović Last updated: 27 October 2023

Easy, painless, convenient; a blood test gives you invaluable insights into the functioning of your body, helping you flag early warning signs and giving you the chance to stop potential diseases in their tracks.

Do you remember when was your last blood test? When we’re healthy, we don’t even consider it. But as one of the most commonly performed medical tests, they are incredibly useful, capturing your body’s current state and the functioning of organs.

Why blood tests?

Blood is a very special juice,” said writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Not only is it special; it is essential for life. It is our body’s delivery system for oxygen and nutrients, run by a powerful engine – our heart.

You might feel completely fine, but your bloodwork could already show red flags – long before you develop any symptoms and require treatment.

6 benefits of GenePlanet’s home blood test

You can ask your doctor for a blood test or visit the nearest laboratory to get tested. Or, you can do it yourself! Here are six reasons why our home blood test is the perfect solution for you!

1. Convenient and painless

Are you a health enthusiast but you also get weak knees at the sight of needles? Are you always short on time? A home blood test is your go-to solution! Avoid appointments with your physician and visit to the laboratory. Do the test whenever you want in the comfort of your home. A special blood collection device gathers capillary blood, which means no huge needles in your arm – you’ll barely feel anything! Just order your test and follow clear instructions for sample collection and shipment.

Man performing home blood test

2. Clear and user-friendly explanation of results

Traditional lab report doesn’t tell you much unless you happen to have considerable medical knowledge. You can surmise if your markers fall within the reference range or not, but that’s about it.

Why should you even care about your CRP in the first place? Why does it do, and how does it impact your health?

You receive blood test results on a digital platform where each tested marker comes with a comprehensive explanation of its importance. Meanwhile, a coloured scale immediately shows you if your result is good or if it needs improving. Talking about improvements …

3. Actionable and personalised recommendations

We all know the general guidelines for healthy living. Say that you have increased cholesterol and CRP levels, and we both want to remain healthy. Each of us has to make different adjustments to our nutrition and other lifestyle factors to ensure optimal health.

4. Track your progress

Although it is generally recommended to get a routine blood test once a year, a lot can happen in 12 months. Regular blood tests let you stay on top of your improvements. It is also a great motivator to help you stick with your health resolutions!

5. The perfect combination with a DNA test

Improving (or maintaining) health is much easier if you know how your body is most likely to respond or function. That is why a DNA and a blood test are the perfect combination!

A DNA test reveals your genetic predispositions for various traits such as blood sugar, inflammatory marker CRP, omega-3 metabolism, response to stress, and many more.

When you consider them in combination with your lifestyle habits, they help explain your blood test results, and how to improve them, if needed! Combining your predispositions for sports performance, nutrition, heart health, and metabolism with blood test results will give you those answers.

MyHeart DNA test kit

6. Complement your Health Score

Our platform is the repository of your health information! This is where you receive all your results, but there is one additional feature that can help you – Health Score.

It is an online tool that takes your objective data and calculates Health Score, the assessment of your current state of health and well-being. The basic Health Score is based on a lifestyle questionnaire and body measurements, but if you add your blood test results, you get a comprehensive snapshot of your current health.

Don’t have a Health Score yet? Get it for free here and start monitoring your health!

Prevention trumps cure every time, so invest in your health when you’re healthy. A home blood test is a convenient and valuable companion on your way to long-term vitality.

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