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GenePlanet secures EUR 20M in Series B Funding Round Led by BlackPeak Capital to Accelerate Global Growth and Develop Advanced AI Capabilities

13 July 2023
  • GenePlanet, a leading biotech company specialising in genetic testing solutions, has successfully raised a series B investment of EUR 20M from BlackPeak Capital and an array of noteworthy investors.
  • This financial backing is geared towards supporting its further global expansion (with a strategic focus on Latin America), fostering new product development, and investing in big data infrastructure.


GenePlanet, a leading biotech company specialising in genetic testing solutions, is pleased to announce it has successfully raised EUR 20M in a Series B funding round. The investment, led by BlackPeak Capital, includes participation from an impressive lineup of investors such as Darwin AG, Kolektor d.d., FMR d.o.o. and Designed Impact Ventures GmbH.

The funding is aimed at supporting GenePlanet’s further global expansion, with a strategic focus on Europe and Latin America. It will also foster new product development and significantly invest in building a robust big data infrastructure.


In addition, the investment will facilitate GenePlanet’s ambition to develop an advanced large language model AI system. This innovative platform will enable more sophisticated browsing and interpretation of the human genome, a step-change in personalised medicine that promises to bring significant health benefits to individuals worldwide.

GenePlanet’s genetic testing solutions focus on both clinical and lifestyle factors. With the financial backing, the company is poised to further establish itself as a leader in the genetic testing industry, capitalising on the growing interest in personalised medicine and proactive health management.


“We’re excited about the possibilities this funding round opens up for us,” said Marko Bitenc, GenePlanet’s CEO. “With this financial boost, we can accelerate our expansion, aiming to establish profitable operations in 50 countries within the next five years, while also investing in cutting-edge AI technology to revolutionise genetic testing.”


Niklas Pichler, Managing Partner of BlackPeak Capital and the transaction lead, will join GenePlanet’s board to aid in the execution of the company’s robust growth strategies. 

“Preventive health care and personalised medicine will play an increasingly important role in our lives in the near future.  We are excited to partner with GenePlanet, a company at the forefront of innovation in genetic testing,” said Niklas Pichler. “We believe that GenePlanet has tremendous growth potential, and we look forward to working with the company’s management team to help realise that potential.”


About GenePlanet

GenePlanet is the leading European provider of preventive genetic tests, specialising in NIPT, cancer screening, and lifestyle DNA tests. The company was founded in 2008 with the vision of enabling more and more people worldwide to discover their DNA.


With over 15 years of experience in the market, GenePlanet collaborates with over 1000 medical centres, business partners, and insurance companies to provide top-quality tests based on the latest scientific discoveries. The company’s tests are designed to empower individuals to take control of their and their baby’s health, as well as assist doctors with therapeutic procedures.

GenePlanet adheres to the highest standards of quality and is constantly striving for new discoveries through its research and development efforts.


With a presence in more than 35 countries worldwide and over 100,000 satisfied customers, GenePlanet has been recognised as one of the 1000 fastest-growing companies in the EU by the Financial Times and one of the Top 35 EU Unicorns by the European Commission.

GenePlanet’s mission is to continue to provide cutting-edge genetic testing solutions that enable individuals to make informed decisions about their health and well-being.


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About BlackPeak Capital

BlackPeak Capital was established in 2014 and targets growth equity investments of EUR 5–15 million in fast-growing SMEs in Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, and Serbia. BlackPeak Capital’s second fund, BlackPeak Southeast Europe Growth Equity Fund, focuses on partnering with the region’s outstanding entrepreneurs who have the ambition to build world-class companies based on continued innovation, organic growth, and add-on acquisitions. BlackPeak Capital remains committed to making a significant positive economic, social, and environmental impact.


BlackPeak Southeast Europe Growth Equity Fund is backed by the European Investment Fund under the COSME and JEREMIE programmes, the European Union under the Equity Facility for Growth established under Regulation (EU) No 1287/2013 of the European Parliament, Invest BG, the EBRD, the IFC, and other European private institutional investors.


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About Kolektor

Kolektor is one of the leading Slovenian industrial, export-oriented companies. In 60 years, it has developed from a company with a few dozen employees, one product, one customer and one production location into a business system with three strong strategic business groups: Kolektor Mobility, Kolektor Technologies and Kolektor Construction. This network combines 40 companies in Slovenia and abroad, over 5500 employees and a wide portfolio of products and services. The mission of Kolektor is to thrive in the world of mobility, construction, energy, infrastructure and digitization. Last year, it achieved a turnover of 1.1 billion euros. Within the scope of its financial group, Kolektor invests in health and social care, media, and tourism and catering.


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About FMR

The main activities of FMR are establishing, managing and financing of subsidiaries, but it is active also in the field of different forms of long- and short-term financial investments and the investments into real estate and rental of its own real estate. The mission of FMR is to increase its assets every year through different long- and short-term financial investments and real estate investments, and thus also the value of the shareholders’ assets, which they hold in the form of company shares.


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About Darwin

Darwin AG is a German holding company, providing insights in preventive, lifestyle genetic testing and produces individualized nutritional supplements and cosmetics based on such insights. Additionally, the company develops in-house technologies using artificial intelligence to interpret genetic data to give in-depth insights into the body and invests in innovative biotech and healthcare companies.


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Contact information:


For GenePlanet:

Maša Judar

Marketing & HR Director

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For BlackPeak Capital

Simona Stiliyanova

Marketing & ESG Director

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