Press release

GenePlanet to upgrade e-commerce with European investment

24 October 2019

European Regional Development Fund’s investment will enable the upgrade of key aspects of e-commerce which will, in turn, increase the company’s competitiveness and ease business operations and cooperation with partners abroad.

GenePlanet is a company focused on development, a goal we achieve with the help of private organisations, the European Union, and the state. One project we are part of is E-commerce – upgrade of e-commerce with companies in foreign markets. For the implementation of the project, the company has received € 29,995.00 from the Republic of Slovenia and EU (European Regional Development Fund,

According to European Regional Development Fund the aim of this public tender is to establish or upgrade electronic commerce to ease the company’s expansion to new markets and global value chains, to increase international competitiveness, speed up and improve interaction with business partners abroad, ensure more effective sending and collecting of information, and improve relationships in the entire supply chain.

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