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GenePlanet is one of the fastest growing European companies

1 March 2019

Ljubljana, March 1st – GenePlanet is ranked among 1000 fastest growing European companies. The report was published for the third consecutive year and its results are accessible online and will be available also in hard copy on March 25th.

The report, based on its own research methodology, has highlighted those companies that are the driving force behind the European economy. Marko Bitenc, CEO and founder of GenePlanet adds: “We are extremely pleased with the rankings among the fastest growing European companies, as this proves that the focus on research and development is the right decision that enables us to transform ourselves into a mature company and expand both our own markets and the range of products we offer. ”

GenePlanet is a biotech company that started as a start-up in 2008. Last year, the company doubled the number of its employees and it offers its services globally – in more than 30 countries around the world. The company offers products from the field of genetic testing with the goal to monitor and improve the health and lifestyle of an individual. The customer receives a buccal swab test to take a sample of saliva. The test is carried out in just a few simple steps in the comfort of his home. Customers receive the results in a transparent and user-friendly form, which is accessible to him everywhere and anywhere.

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